F CONNECTION by Frankie will arrange you a complete service including all diving works for arrivals and departures plus all kind of concierge services you will need during your stay on the island.










 We provide professional & skilled divers to assist crew members in order to insure full, easy and safe Yachts maneuvers at anytime...



UNDERWATER WORKS ASSISTANCE only with our specialist divers companies authorized by our Harbour Dock Master of Gustavia.


Reminder of a few Rules & Regulations :


- All documents for the boat must be up-to-date (ID, registration, insurance...)

- Boats are not authorized to maneuver at the dock or on buoys at night, between the hours of 5.00pm and 7.00am.

- Call the harbormaster's office on VHF channel 12 before making any maneuvers.

- It is strictly forbidden to throw stagnant water from the hull of the boat into the harbor.

- Only the Captain of the vessel or a member of the crew is authorized to take care of entries and departures clearances.




VISIT OUR HARBOR WEBSITE : www.portdegustavia.fr